Auto Repairs You Should Leave to the Professionals

Should You Try Fixing It Yourself?

If the sound of an engine makes your heart beat a little faster, we understand that you might be the type of person who enjoys working on his/her own vehicle. You may bear the moniker "backyard mechanic" with pride. After all, there is some satisfaction in completing a project yourself. If you're comfortable with some services and repairs, that's great! Examples of home garage fixes may include oil and filter changes, brakes, protective cleaning, and belt replacement. Other things, however, are best left to professionals like the staff at M1 Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah.

Things That Should Be Left to Certified Technicians

While doing it yourself can be rewarding and may save money in some cases, certain repairs require equipment and/or expertise that individual car owners usually don't have. For example, it's difficult to achieve a professional result at home if your vehicle needs bodywork. Most homeowners don't have a paint booth at their disposal. Furthermore, it's very hard to smooth out all the dents and dings so that they're undetectable without specialized training and specialized tools.

Windshield Replacement: Opt for assistance with windshield replacement. What looks easy when a pro installs it is actually intricate work. Imagine the results of the slightest installation error. Your car might leak, or--worse--the glass might come out! Also, many newer models have sensors that need to be attached to the new glass and recalibrated.

Wheel Alignments: Wheel alignments require technical equipment. Best results call for a rack with computerized measurement capabilities. (Let's face it. If the wheel alignment isn't going to be accurate, why bother?)

Airbags: Airbags are obviously a crucial safety feature. Don't risk faulty installation that could lead them to fail in a crash, and remember that they work using small explosions. Rely on experts instead of chancing it yourself.

Engine: Under the hood, the engine is the power plant of your vehicle. When it's time for major refurbishment, precision is everything. It's best to leave the micro measurements and exact machining to those who have the right equipment.

Clutch Replacement: Carefully weigh your options and capabilities before attempting clutch replacement. While this task is very doable for most shade tree mechanics, it often requires lifting the engine. Unless you have a good jack or hoist, this may be almost impossible.

Your Helping Hand When You Need Professionals

Should you find yourself needing a helping hand with certain repairs and services, count on the certified technicians at M1 Auto Repair for the tag-team approach. We're also glad to take care of all your needed services and auto repairs if you don't perform any of your mechanical work.

Written by M1 Auto Repair