Automotive Preventative Maintenance

Automotive Preventive Maintenance in West Jordan, Utah

A Buffer Between Your Vehicle and Damage

Why Does It Matter?

Maybe you’re wondering why automotive preventive maintenance matters. The short answer is that those services are a buffer between your vehicle and mechanical damage. Automobiles that are well maintained with the manufacturer’s recommended service points completed at the specified intervals last longer (on average) than those cars that don’t receive appropriate attention. Moreover, they operate more safely and reliably, with drivers experiencing fewer breakdowns. Since routine care is that important, let the ASE-certified technicians at M1 Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah, assist you with all your automotive preventive maintenance. You’ll find us at 7586 S Redwood Road West Jordan, UT 84084, close enough to Salt Lake City to be convenient but far enough out of the city hustle not to be a hassle. Make your appointment today using our online schedule system or call us at 801-878-9455.


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