Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in West Jordan, Utah

A Lot of Information in a Little Light

Is It An Emergency?

When the check engine light illuminates, it can be frightening for some drivers. If this happens to you, perhaps you’re wondering if you have a transportation emergency. The ASE-certified technicians at M1 Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah, are here to help. First, let us put you at ease with a little information. Typically, the malfunction indicator lamp displays as a solid light. Your automobile needs attention soon, but your car is not in a full-blown crisis. You can drive a reasonable distance to reach our shop for check engine light diagnostics. If your car’s CEL happens to be flashing (other than upon initial start-up), shut it off and get a tow to our facility. Your engine has a serious problem that puts it in danger of catastrophic failure if you continue driving. Second, if the diagnostic process shows that your vehicle needs repair, we can provide honest, reputable work. You’ll find us nearby at 7586 S Redwood Road West Jordan, UT 84084. Call us at 801-878-9455 or use our online schedule system to make an appointment.


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