Tires, Brakes, Battery, and Plugs

Cooling, Fluids, Belts, and Hoses

M1 Auto Repair in West Jordan, UT, wants you to know about crucial automotive maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle running smoothly and avoid costly expenses. Tires are ranked with a high level of importance and include tire rotation, correct air pressure, and tread depth. They start maintenance tasks at the ground level and work their way throughout the vehicle. Without safe tires, gas mileage is reduced, and you could be headed for trouble, going nowhere fast.

If the tires look good, they take them off and look at the brakes, brake fluid, drums, and rotors. Worn-down pads can be dangerous and warped or damaged rotors, brake fluid levels, and the condition of the drums are vital to stopping when the brakes are applied.

Without power, a vehicle is not running. So, to keep your car running, the charging and firing stations, plugs, battery, as well as alternator charges need to be checked periodically to avoid a non-start or loss of charge from a lifeless battery causing a non-start situation. Who wants to be stranded in a desolate location at 2:26 am? Not us.

Let’s move to the cooling systems. The A/C, radiator, belts, hoses, all fluid levels, and the radiator and gas cap must be clean and on tightly. Next, we move on to things you can’t see. Coolant levels, transmission, brake fluid, and the drivetrain need to be checked regularly. Then, we move to the lights, wipers, and horn if all of the above checks out.

We continue into the night with night driving visuals, our warning maker, the horn, headlights, turn signals, and emergency flashers. Are the headlights in good working condition? Are they directed at the proper angle, and do they illuminate the road? Next, do your turn signals come on when triggered, and do your emergency flashers keep you safe when you need to pull over? How about audio? Without lights and turn signals, drivers and pedestrians can’t see us coming. This can cause havoc around a corner or on an unlit roadway. Without a horn, we’re left helpless if another vehicle veers near us or if an animal comes onto the road.

Our last line of defense is our emergency flashers. If we lose power, our brakes fail, or in an emergency, our emergency flashers are the only noticeable sign that we’re in trouble. So, if you have questions or concerns at all, call M1 Auto Service 801-878-9455 or visit us at 7586 S Redwood Road West Jordan, UT 84084 for a complete vehicle inspection. Malfunctions are preventable with a preventative maintenance schedule at M1 Auto Service.

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