Exploring Options for Suspension Upgrades

Suspension Upgrades: What are the Possibilities?

We already know that you love your vehicle. What we don't yet know is what you plan to do with it next. If your plan involves off-roading, driving in unusual conditions, or simply feeling that you're more in control of your driving experience, perhaps you're ready for a suspension upgrade. If so, let's talk about the possibilities at M1 Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah. Since 2016, we've been helping drivers like you get the most out of their automobiles.

Solutions that Balance Investment and Results

With today's technology and global options, the number of upgrades one can make to a vehicle is nearly endless. The possibilities can become almost overwhelming as well as incredibly expensive. One approach to managing choices is to look for solutions that provide a good balance between cost and impact. This is particularly applicable to suspension upgrades. For example, you might consider new coil overs. Although most modern cars come with these combination spring and shock packages, an upgraded version will likely enhance vehicle stance and tolerance for rough surfaces. Also, consider installing anti-roll (sway) bars. These are helpful if you corner hard and/or often. The bars help mitigate the extra pressure placed upon the wheel on one side or the other. Compared to the positive effect, the cost for this upgrade is relatively low. Similarly, you can bolt on strut tower braces that connect the front tower braces to mitigate the heavy force of torque. Suppose you desire the ability to adjust the suspension depending upon your driving circumstances (i.e., comfort vs. stance, payload, and trail worthiness). In that case, you can achieve the result using an air suspension. This will allow you to adjust the height and suspension capabilities of your vehicle. Finally, remember the role of your tires and wheels. Although tires can be costly, you may find that investing in a set of high-performance treads is well worth your dollar. By purchasing high-performance tires, you can achieve multiple goals (reduced risk of hydroplaning, increased road grip, and enhanced straight-line driving). Some enthusiasts also advocate for changing the stock wheels to a less weighty version. For many drivers, wheels and tires are the chosen starting point for suspension enhancement.

Your Local Suspension Upgrade Partner

Before you commit to drastic changes or spend tons of money, think through your true desires for your automobile as well as how to get the most impact for the least money. At M1 Auto Repair, we're glad to bounce ideas with you and help you with all your suspension upgrade projects.

Written by M1 Auto Repair