Brake Problem Symptoms

Five Signs Of Poor Brake Health

Your brake check light won’t always be the first indication of brake failure, though it is at the top of our list. You may have already noticed some symptoms of brake decline, but you might not know that’s the cause. At M1 Auto Repair, we tell our clients that catching maintenance issues early on can save you money, time, and stress down the road. It’s better to make regular preventative maintenance appointments than to wait until your vehicle leaves you stranded on 154. To help you identify brake failure more easily, our technicians put together a list of the five most common warning signs:

Sound: When brakes have worn too smooth, they create a lot more noise like squealing and grinding. If you experience various noises while applying your brakes, you may need new brake pads.

Vibration: If your brakes aren’t able to engage properly, they will skid instead of stopping the rotation of the tires. This will create a vibrating sensation for the passengers and your steering wheel may also shake.

Leaking Fluid: Any fluid leaking from your vehicle is an issue, but brake fluid affects your ability to control your vehicle and should be addressed immediately.

Soft Brake Pedal: Unresponsive brakes that feel like there is a pillow under the pedal may indicate low brake fluid pressure.

Burning Smell: Brakes that have been smoothed overuse will also overheat more easily as they create friction to slow your vehicle. If your brakes are taking too long to stop, they will begin to overheat, and you may smell a burning scent in the cabin.

You may experience one of these warning signs, or a combination of them. The best course of action is to have your brakes checked as a precaution. Deteriorating brake health could mean they overheat during your commute or even cause an accident. At M1 Auto Repair, our ASE-certified technicians will examine your vehicle and discuss their findings with you. We will make our recommendations, but the choice of a maintenance plan is entirely up to you. Whatever services you choose for your brake health, they are backed by our 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. Come by our West Jordan, Utah location today to speak to our technicians about your preventative maintenance plan.

Written by M1 Auto Repair